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Functional Yoga System (FYS) is a course for yoga instructors or movement professionals who want to expand their knowledge, application, and impact, making it the only specialization in the industry to enhance yoga practices by taking an Applied Functional Science® perspective and accessible mindset. This specially-designed course will deepen your understanding of the body, its needs, and how you can help students, clients, and patients achieve their goals. FYS dives deeply into the physical practice of yoga to make your yoga more functional for today’s human body – while continuing to uplift the many ways traditional yoga gets it right.

Learning Objectives

Upon satisfactory completion of the Functional Yoga System, and upon becoming a Functional Yoga Specialist, the participant will be able to:

Describe the Foundational Principles of Applied Functional Science®.

Apply the Principle-Strategy-Technique Process.

Utilize the Applied Functional Science® Movement Spectrum to discern the difference between non-functional and functional.

Identify the components of Tweakology (Variability).

Communicate effectively and efficiently with the language and Nomenclature of Function.

Identify and name the joint positions and motions of Functional Chain Reaction® Biomechanics.

Summarize the significance of being Triadoxically Yoked.

Demonstrate and appropriately prescribe the 6 Vital Chain Reaction movements and poses (exercises) of 3DMAPS.

Demonstrate and appropriately prescribe the Mobility and Stability movements and poses (exercises) of 3DMAPS.

Demonstrate and appropriately prescribe the Out-of-Chain and Out-of-Plane movements and poses (exercises) of 3DMAPS.

Demonstrate and appropriately prescribe the Hybrid Foot and Hybrid Hand movements and poses (exercises) of 3DMAPS.

Demonstrate and appropriately prescribe the unilateral hand movements and poses (exercises) of 3DMAPS.

Demonstrate and appropriate prescribe the On-Ground movements and poses (exercises) of 3DMAPS.

Demonstrate and appropriately prescribe the Fascial Chain movements and poses (exercises) of 3DMAPS.

Identify and employ the energy tweaks of Functional Yoga to create the most effective environment and Chain Reaction® to facilitate the desired needs and wants of each individual.

Formulate and teach (coach) groupings and progressions of Functional Yoga movements and poses (exercises) for individuals as well as classes.

Utilize the movements and poses (exercises) of Functional Yoga as assessment movements and poses to determine an individual’s successful threshold.

Facilitate the teaching (coaching environment) to take advantage of the power of encouragement, engagement, and empowerment.

Realize that Functional Yoga and Applied Functional Science® is an ongoing journey of transforming and enhancing the lives of others.

Course Procedure

Functional Yoga System is approved for CEU/CECs through:

ACE - 1.8 CECs
ACSM - 15 Contact Hours
AFAA - 15 CEUs
BOC - 14.5 CE Hrs. - Category A
ISSA - 18 CEU Hrs.

NASM - 1.6 CEUs

Yoga Alliance - 14.5 Contact Hours

New York Physical Therapy Association - 18 CE Hours
Ohio Physical Therapy Association 14.75 Contact Hours
Texas Physical Therapy Association - 18 CCUs

Redefine Health Education approved in the following states. (16 Contact Hours)

  • Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, **Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

**For Florida approval go to CE Broker (use approval# 20-892369) - Course will be listed on CE Broker under Redefine Health Education as the sponsor

Course Content

Module 1 - Welcome & Introductions
Module 2 - Applied Functional Science®
Module 3 - Functional Movement Spectrum
Module 4 - Tweakology
Module 5 - Speaking Function
Module 6 - 3DMAPS - Mobility & Stability
Module 7 - 3DMAPS - Out of Chain/Out of Plane
Module 8 - 3DMAPS - Hybrid Foot/Hybrid Hands
Module 9 - 3DMAPS - Unilateral Hand Drivers/Swings
Module 10 - 3DMAPS On Ground
Module 11 - Fascia Chains
Module 12 - Energy Tweaks
Module 13 - Putting It All Together - 3DMAPS Foundational Movements
Module 14 - Putting It All Together - Activity Specific Transformational Zones
Module 15 - Putting It All Together - Journey Through the Hybrids
Module 16 - Putting It All Together – The Power of Squat
Module 17 - Putting It All Together – On Ground
Module 18 - Putting It All Together – Unilateral Hand Swings
Module 19 - Thank You & The Journey
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