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Everybody has to lift things. Lift the baby, lift the groceries, and lift the cooler into the back of the minivan. The body was designed for lifting, from the legs to the hips, the feet, the spine, through the torso. So, why do so many injuries seem to come from lifting? In this course, Gary Gray will help us analyze the Chain Reaction® of lifting and help us to recognize lifting in an integrated way. For, if we understand lifting, we can offer better rehabilitations that get to the cause – not symptoms - of the problems because the symptoms of a lift injury are seldom found in the location of its cause.

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this online course you will be able to do the following: (1) Allow intuitiveness of the body to teach us about the biomechanics of lifting. (2) Appreciate that the body was wonderfully and fearfully designed for lifting. (3) Realize that the causes and compensations of lifting injuries are seldom found where the symptoms of lifting injuries reside. (4) Explode the myths of “traditional” lifting thought processes. (5) Take advantage of a Chain Reaction understanding that lifting is a tri-plane, bottom up and top down, all 70 joints, 400 muscles loading and exploding functional activity. (6) Create multiple opportunities, variations and tweaks to analyze, rehab, train and condition for lifting.

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  3. Take the test. (You must score 80% to pass. If you do not pass, you may retake the test.)
  4. Print your certificate of completion.

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